Birdzout Auto Lasers

The Birdzout auto bird scare lasers, automatically cover an area from a central point. These lasers pan and tilt over an area which is set as required. A cost effective way of deterring birds from large areas.

    Key Features:

  • High quality, class 3B laser
  • 350 degree rotation with pan and tilt
  • Weatherproof – IP65 rated

Package includes: Auto laser unit, settings controller with keypad and joystick, power supplies for mains and 12v. Optional mounting tripod, solar kit and batteries available separately.

2 Models available:


Laser distance in daylight: 150m
Laser distance at night: 600m
Area Covered: 7+ Hectares
RRP $2100 + gst
and freight where applicable

BZAL 500

Laser distance in daylight: 500m
Laser distance at night: 2400m
Area Covered: 78+ Hectares
RRP $4200 + gst
and freight where applicable.




Safe – Quiet – Humane – Powerful – Economical

Mount high in the building so that the laser beams can be point at perch areas and away from people. Covers up to 1000 metres, depending on the shape and layout of the buildings.

The working area of this laser can be enhanced by mounting it under a ‘Rotator’ The rotator will allows the laser to move 40 degrees in each direction from centre. The rotator is priced at $275+gst.

Ideal for deterring birds from:

  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Hangars
  • Stables
  • Dairy Sheds
  • Transit facilities
  • Machine Sheds
  • Storage Areas
  • Parking Structures
  • Sports facilities
  • Boathouses

Includes remote control, with built in timer settings.
Optional 24 hour timer available.

RRP $1190 + gst

and freight where applicable.


Hand held Laser – Bird deterrent.

Proven, successful method for deterring birds from specific areas. Ideal for scaring nuisance birds out through entrance ways or into mist net for live capture.

To use, simply shine the laser towards and around the birds to scare them in the direction they need to go.
Works best in low light conditions.

Comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and dual battery charger.

Special Features:

  • Ideal for use in; warehouses, cafe’s, sheds, grain stores etc
  • Power – genuine 50mw
  • Adjustable point
  • Keyed safety switch
  • Infrared radiation filter
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Cost effective

RRP $130 + gst

and freight where applicable.