Birdbuster BirdGo Gel

Birdbuster BirdGo gel is quite different from other existing bird repellant gels. The contents of it’s active ingredients is specifically designed to give a longer lasting repellent that is not affected by the elements such as rain, UV light and temperature changes.

The scent repels birds like pigeons, sea gulls, sparrows, swallows etc from perching, nesting and congregating in areas like houses, schools, office buildings, hospitals, aircraft hangers, warehouses, patios, ledges etc.

Birdbuster BirdGo gel can be purchased as ‘ready to use’ plastic dishes for domestic use and for larger buildings we can supply a 283gm cannister/tube that can be easily applied with a DIY applicator gun.

The Birdbuster BirdGo gel is completely environmentally friendly and harmless. The gel has been successfully used in warehouses, DHB hospitals, Wharfs, Defense Air Force Hangers, airports, Army Workshops and Navy installations.

For commercial applications, a rep will contact you and discuss your bird problems, he could also arrange a site visit and offer you a quote.


Ready to use dish – (With tear away seal.)
RRP $3.00 + gst
and freight where applicable.
– Ideal for commercial use or larger applications.
RRP $22.50 + gst


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