Predator Kites

These kites beat their wings, bank on the air, and soar to new heights emulating a bird in flight.  From a distance it is hard to distinguish a Predator Kite from a  real bird. Made from Tyvek, they are lightweight and tough, coping with up to 50 km/h winds.

The Kit comes complete with a mounting bracket, telescopic flexible pole and rotating lead. Plus a predator Kite of your choice. The wingspan is approximately 1 metre.

Pole sizes are: 5.5m, 8.3m, 9.2m.

Very effective on small pesky birds and seagulls. Can be used on boats, close houses, orchards, near doorways of buildings etc.

Prices range from RRP $275 – $375 + gst

and freight where applicable.


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