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Re: Bird Buster
The frustration of birds roosting and nesting in our sheds and tractors has been with us for a long time. Apart from the obvious risk of fire from nests in tractor engines I loathe the mess birds when make roosting above machinery and vehicles. In the past we have tried various methods to eliminate or reduce bird numbers, including sticky gel on perching areas, hanging owls, treated wheat and electronic bird noises. These have all met with very limited or short term success, so when I heard about the Bird Buster I was very keen to try it. We installed 3 Bird Busters in an open implement shed, an enclosed workshop and the farm dairy and have had them operating for about 8 months now. They have certainly been the best deterrent we have yet tried and have dramatically reduced the numbers of sparrows and starlings in the sheds. This spring we have had no nests being built in the tractor engines, although we still leave the bonnets up when not in use, just to make sure everyone checks them before starting. We have even tried a Bird Buster at the maize silage stack where the number of sparrows can be particularly high. There has been a significant reduction in bird numbers there, although not eliminating them completely.

I would certainly recommend the use of a Bird Buster to any farmer who has a bird nuisance. We wouldn’t be without ours now.
Bryan Guy
Aorangi Road, Feilding

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