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Re: The Bird Buster Deterrent System.

It wasn’t only because of the mess the birds were depositing on the new products in our distribution warehouse, but also because the birds were setting the alarms off night after night that we were compelled to act to clear the building of birds.

We decided to have a Bird buster System installed in the main problem area after unsuccessfully trying other deterrents and after hearing favourable comments about the Bird buster System’s effectiveness.

The Alarm was timer set to activate late in the afternoon before the main doors were closed, remain on during the night and deactivate approximately an hour after opening the doors the following morning.

An immediate decrease in bird numbers was noticed in the distribution warehouse building.

We were impressed with the results achieved and recommend the Bird Buster as a simple and effective bird deterrent.

Ash Danjee
Purchasing Manager
Steelfort Engineering
Palmerston North

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