To whom it may concern,

Bryan Bate of BBM Enterprises installed a Bird Deterrent system at the Foodstuffs Distribution Centre at Roberts Line in Palmerston North. Foodstuffs were having a major issue with birds and the Senior Executive requested a non-kill solution to the birds. Bryan installed an Ultrasonic Bird Deterrent system along with a Bird Fogging system. There was an immediate result with the new birds getting into the building and we then concentrated on the resident birds. Bryan provided a wheat product which was very effective.

Throughout the whole time of the introduction of the system to the issues we have with staff Bryan provided himself to be very professional and open to new ideas and quick to find solutions to the issues that arose.

I would highly recommend Bryan and BBM Enterprises to any other company.

David Thompson.

Thanks Bryan.

We have two open end tractor sheds with Bird Busters operating in them. Before we installed them the birds would bring a nest into our four tractors overnight. Now, no nests! Brilliant!

John and Margaret Hodge

Te Kowhai – Hamilton

To whom it may concern
For years I have had a major problem with birds using my farm workshop as their home!
The result I have had after installing a Bird Buster shed kit had been outstanding.
I found the instructions that came with the kit easy to follow, it is simple to use and easy to install.
At last, something that actually works. Recommended.
Dave Hintz
Whaka Road
RD 6

Hi Bryan,
I am happy to report that the Birdbuster is dealing to the Pukeko’s and the ducks.
I have found that they will not come closer than approx 20 metres to the speakers.
Many thanks for your help.


Russel Biggs
Biggs Construction

The Rat and Mice Repeller works great around our horse stables and sheds.

R. M. Gloyn


Works Brilliantly. Great deterrent for rats and mice.

Karl Ferguson


Fantastic – all the rats have gone from around the cow shed and implement sheds.

William Finlay


Since we had the rat and mice repeller we have experienced no more infestation, brilliant one of the best things we ever did.

Mark and Faye Fearon


Re: Bird Buster;

I had a big problem of literally several hundred Welcome Swallows perching every night in our open sided canopy in front of our coolstore and causing a huge mess. When I installed a bird buster unit in the canopy we did not get an instant response and I was a little disappointed. So gave the bird buster a little help by annoying the birds as they came into to perch each evening by making a lot of noise in the canopy. After a week of this we had a huge drop off in numbers of swallows and after 2 weeks there were only a few birds left and they disappeared soon after. Now after about 2 months we have had no birds here or several weeks and I don’t have the birdbuster on most evenings. They have all stayed away. A great success.
Graeme Jones –

Havelock North

Steelfort Engineering
Rangitikei Line
Palmerston North

Re: The Bird Buster Deterrent System.

It wasn’t only because of the mess the birds were depositing on the new products in our distribution warehouse, but also because the birds were setting the alarms off night after night that we were compelled to act to clear the building of birds.

We decided to have a Bird buster System installed in the main problem area after unsuccessfully trying other deterrents and after hearing favourable comments about the Bird buster System’s effectiveness.

The Alarm was timer set to activate late in the afternoon before the main doors were closed, remain on during the night and deactivate approximately an hour after opening the doors the following morning.

An immediate decrease in bird numbers was noticed in the distribution warehouse building.

We were impressed with the results achieved and recommend the Bird Buster as a simple and effective bird deterrent.

Ash Danjee
Purchasing Manager
Steelfort Engineering
Palmerston North

Re: Bird Buster
The frustration of birds roosting and nesting in our sheds and tractors has been with us for a long time. Apart from the obvious risk of fire from nests in tractor engines I loathe the mess birds when make roosting above machinery and vehicles. In the past we have tried various methods to eliminate or reduce bird numbers, including sticky gel on perching areas, hanging owls, treated wheat and electronic bird noises. These have all met with very limited or short term success, so when I heard about the Bird Buster I was very keen to try it. We installed 3 Bird Busters in an open implement shed, an enclosed workshop and the farm dairy and have had them operating for about 8 months now. They have certainly been the best deterrent we have yet tried and have dramatically reduced the numbers of sparrows and starlings in the sheds. This spring we have had no nests being built in the tractor engines, although we still leave the bonnets up when not in use, just to make sure everyone checks them before starting. We have even tried a Bird Buster at the maize silage stack where the number of sparrows can be particularly high. There has been a significant reduction in bird numbers there, although not eliminating them completely.

I would certainly recommend the use of a Bird Buster to any farmer who has a bird nuisance. We wouldn’t be without ours now.
Bryan Guy
Aorangi Road, Feilding

We installed one bird buster unit 12mths ago after having problems with birds nesting in our Tractors and subsequent fires. We have been pleased with the results and the way in which birds do not appear to be comfortable around the units and won’t settle.

We have now installed 9 units, and feel confident to recommend them to anyone with a bird nesting problem under tractor bonnets.

The units are easy to install and to date have been trouble free.

I can also recommend the company for support and backup.

Kind Regards
Brian Wilkinson

Farm Business Manager
Landcorp Farming Ltd
PO Box 189
Foxton 4814

Re: Bird Buster Trial

Dear Bryan,

Prior to trialling your bird scarer we were cleaning out our tractors daily, sometimes even twice daily for birds nests. This past spring was particularly bad!

We found that once we had installed the bird scarer in one of the tractors parked in the shed it successfully kept the birds out of the shed altogether. From this point onward we had no more problems with birds nests in any of the machines (consisting of three tractors and a truck) or in the shed itself.

Levet Contractors would have no hesitation in recommending the bird buster to other farmers and contractors as a cheap and reliable insurance against birds nests.

Steve Levet – Levet Contractors
RD4 Worthington Road

I have had the Bird Buster installed for over a month now and noticed a total lack of evidence of birds trying to nest in the Tractor. As a bonus, there has been a dramatic reduction in the Bird activity in the implement shed when the tractor is parked in there and the alarm activated.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone.

Regards, Fran Gould
239 Warren’s Road Marton

I confirm that I was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to trial the bird alarm. I was particularly interested in using this in my horse truck which unfortunately suffers an epidemic of bird nesting during the season. The truck is located in a very large implement shed/stable area which is also infested with birds during the nesting season. I installed the device near the truck and then cleared the area affected by nesting. The birds did not return to the truck and I noticed a significant decrease in the number of birds nesting in the shed, particularly in the immediate proximity of the alarm’s location. I believe the alarm is very effective and has great potential to be developed further to operate in larger areas.

Yours faithfully,
CP Brosnahan


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test your bird alarm. We found that it did a very good job in the tractor when parked in the shed by stopping the birds from returning into the shed and messing on all the other equipment parked in the shed.We also found when parked in the paddock we had no problems with birds nesting under the bonnet.The only thing that we could suggest is that the unit has a way of turning on automatically when the tractor was turned off after use so that there is no way the operator can forget to turn the unit on, but otherwise an excellent unit.We would recommend this unit to anyone who has bird problems in their machinery etc.

Ian & Jason Easton

To Bryan/Bird Buster Ltd

During the 2009 nesting season I encountered a substantial problem with birds nesting in my tractor. After installing the Bird buster there was a complete eradication of birds and their nesting materials from the tractor. I was very satisfied with the Bird buster and would highly recommend this product.

Ben Murphy

Dear Bryan,

Thankyou for giving us the opportunity to trial your new Bird deterrent product. We fitted it to the vehicle as instructed, and have noticed a total lack of birds or any signs of birds. We also found that wit hthe vehicle parked in our 2 bay implement shed, a huge decrease in the bird activity in the shed. I would Highly recommend this to anyone.

Ra Durie
RD5 Camerons Line,

To Bryan/Bird Buster Ltd

Thankyou for the chance to be involved in the further development of your Bird deterrent system. As you are aware we have tested the unit on the harvester, parked in the shed at the end of the driveway. What was once a haven for starlings, nesting and breeding, is no longer. We found the Bird Buster to be most effective in eliminating the bird problem. Many Thanks.

Brian Saunders
Glen Oroua