Bird Buster Dairy Shed Kit

The Dairy Shed Kit is very similar to the standard Bird Busters shed kit and is suitable for both Rotary and Herringbone sheds.

This also is an audible alarm that operates on a random basis within a 6 minute time cycle. It emits a series of short blasts followed by a screech that imitates a bird in distress. Once activation has occured it starts its next random cycle.

The Dairy Shed Kit is powered by 240 volt mains power through a 24/7  hour adjustable timer. The kit also consists of the power feed, control box, 2 sirens 30 metres of connecting wire and cable ties for easy installation.

Installation instructions for both Rotary and Herringbone sheds come with each kit.

This system works very well when combined with a ‘Mist Net’ that catches the birds when they are disturbed by the alarm.


RRP $575 + gst

and freight where applicable.

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