The Bird Buster Tractor Kit

The alarm is designed to help eliminate birds nesting around warms areas of tractors and/or implements, ie engines, turbos, manifolds and radiators etc. It operates on 12 Volts and can be powered by connecting direct to the battery. A 24 volt adaptor kit is available on request.

This kit is being widely used not only in tractors, but also in harvesters, horsetrucks, farm utes, diggers, bulldozers, etc.

This audible alarm operates within a 6 minute random cycle emitting a series of short blasts to unsettle the birds then is followed by a short screech imitating a bird in distress.

For a better result combine this alarm with a strobe light that flashes when the alarm activates. Cost for the strobe light is $65 + gst

There are two settings available;
Automatic setting: When the engine is started the alarm turns itself off and when the ignition is switched off and the battery voltage drops the alarm will turn back on.
Manual setting: The alarm remains on as long as it has power. Operates with dual blasts and with in a 6 minute random cycle.

It’s easy to install, in most cases taking approximately 20-30 minutes. No special tools required.

Each kit consists of a control box, power leads, single siren with provision to add a second siren, cable ties for easy installation and instruction sheet.

RRP $375 + gst

and freight where applicable