The Bird Buster Shed Kit

The shed alarm is designed to help prevent birds nesting in the confines of small workshops, open or closed bay implement sheds, barns, canopys , small aircraft hangers, car sheds etc.

The Bird Busters Shed Kit can be powered by 240 volt mains power or a 12 volt battery. It is a loud audible alarm that emits a series of short blasts followed by a screech that imitates a bird in distress. The sound operates within a random 6 minute cycle. A 24/7 hour timer is included in the kit to allow for controlled time settings. Extensive tests have shown that the noise does not effect most farm animals like sheep, cows, lambs, dogs, horses and bobby calves.

Each kit consists of a 24/7 hr timer, control box, power adaptor, 30 meters of wiring and 2 sirens. Cable ties are also included for easy installation. Full instruction are provided.
Special requests can be made to order.

Also see our Dairy Shed Kit option. For larger buildings, a shed extension kit can be added to the standard shed kit.

This system in conjunction with a Bird Mist Net will significantly reduce the bird numbers in a very short time.


RRP $575 + gst

and freight where applicable

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